3 Blackjack Books You Must Read if You are a Player

Mmc996 sg online casino games have conquered the hearts of the public for a long time now, and they don’t seem to fade away in popularity any time soon. It has, indeed, only become more accessible and loved over the past decade. All games have their online versions that can be played from home at one’s convenience. With every bit of comfort being offered, the novice gamblers only tend to make bigger mistakes. Some people head to the online casino Singapore without being fully aware of the rules of each game. Knowing how to gamble and when to stop is as important as learning a game.

Of all the favorite casino games, it is poker, blackjack, roulette, and slots that make the highest revenue. Blackjack holds onto this position with its interesting techniques and the target of ’21’. If you are a blackjack player or aspiring to be one, you have to learn more about the game before signing up into a casino for a game. Here are some books about blackjack that you must read to keep you well-informed about the various facets of this table game.


1.      Beat the Dealer

Being a father of two materialistic concepts, Edward Oakley Thorp is best known for his revolutionary work in blackjack. He was given the title as the father of card counting and also the father of the wearable computer. Edward made the first wearable computer to use it in a casino. It has been over 5 decades since he wrote Beat the Dealer, and this is the book that influences many blackjack players even today. He mathematically proved it with this book that card counting can be used to beat the house edge. Betting on the game, according to the point-based system, has to be done after assessing the composition of the remaining cards in the deck. Everything from winning strategies and basic rules to ways to spot cheating has been covered in this book.

2.      Professional Blackjack

John Ferguson, a member of the Blackjack Hall of Fame and a gambling author, penned this book. He was the brain behind the software named “Blackjack Analyzer”, which could be used to analyze the odds of blackjack. Professional Blackjack released in 1975 to sweep the gamblers off their feet with new strategies and secrets about casinos and blackjack that could take them to more significant winnings. Around 100 pages of charts have been included at the end of this book to guide the players.

Professional Blackjack

3.      The Theory of Blackjack

Peter A Griffin grew an interest in blackjack in 1970 during the time of mathematical research in Nevada. He eventually became an author, a mathematician, and one of the original members of the Blackjack Hall of Fame. The Theory of Blackjack was published in 1979 to raving reviews. Today’s card counting methods are discussed in the book; he has also covered the techniques to determine the accuracy of a card counting system and analyzing the playing strategies to bet accordingly.

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