Held Quality – Never Duplicated

Even back in 1924 when Edgar Held Sr. first founded his glove company in Germany, he cared about motorcyclists. And he understood how to make a glove. He always paid attention to what he believed to be the three most important points: safety, comfort, and fashion.

Today, under the management of Edgar’s two sons, Erhard and Edgar Jr. the company still cares about motorcyclists. And they still know the best way to make a motorcycle glove. The Held Company produces over 150,000 pairs of gloves every year and distributes them to 16 different countries. And Held’s product line has expanded to include many other fine accessories.

Held gloves are not cheap. A minimum of 14 parts is required for each glove. As you can imagine, a great deal of work time is needed to put them together by the highly skilled Held craftsmen in Germany. And Held gloves, of course, are made from only the finest leather. Finding leather of an acceptable quality is a continuing challenge for the Held brothers as the number of qualified people in the tanning profession decreases. But their persistence pays off in a product that is recognized for its quality and workmanship by motorcyclists throughout the world.

Held quality has always been superior, and over the last few years this has been demonstrated by a number of specific product tests, in Motorrad, Tourenfahrer, City Bike, Cycle, Road Rider, Motorcyclist, Roadracing World, Sport Rider, and other publications.

Moto Market Protective Gear is proud to be associated with the fine name of Held, and pleased to supply these quality gloves to discriminating motorcyclists throughout the United States.